Gouvernance & scientific
and medical board

Our Executive Board is composed of committed and experienced high-level experts who share the same ambition: a “Zero Diabetes World” for everyone’s health and well-being. Board members have complementary experience and knowledge of nutrition and the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Our Executive Board has all the skills required to cover the entire value chain, from development to the sale of health nutrition products with strong health claims or favorable opinions granted by European and North American authorities.

The Supervisory Board acts as a monitoring and advisory body to the Executive Board.  It is comprised of highly-qualified individuals with international influence.

Executive board

Jocelyn PINEAU Administration and Finance Director

Supervisory board

Laurent LEVY President of the Supervisory Board
Sébastien BESSY Member of the supervisory board
Jean ZETLAOUI Member of Supervisory Board

and medical

VALBIOTIS is guided by a Scientific and Medical Board composed of internationally renowned experts in physiology, endocrinology, diabetology, clinical development and innovative formulation.
The Scientific and Medical Board provides a sound yet strict external perspective regarding study plans, results and interpretations. Their combined experience enables us to optimize Research & Development programs and to improve efficacy in the long term.

Thierry MAUGARD PhD, University Professor, Université La Rochelle
Nathalie BOISSEAU PhD, University Professor, Université Clermont Auvergne
Patrice CANI PhD, University Professor at Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium
Gouvernance & scientific and medical board
Jean-Marie BARD PhD, University Professor and Hospital Professor at the Nantes University Hospital Center (CHU)
Samy HADJADJ MD, PhD, University Professor and Hospital Professor at the Poitiers University Hospital Center (CHU)
Bruno GUIGAS PhD, Assistant Professor, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Gouvernance & scientific and medical board
André MARETTE PhD, University Professor (Quebec University Hospital Center), Scientific Director of INAF, Canada
Gouvernance & scientific and medical board
Gouvernance & scientific and medical board