Mission & vision

The worldwide surge in cardiometabolic diseases is a daily concern for VALBIOTIS. The solutions currently available are barely effective in stemming this global pandemic which endangers the lives of patients and jeopardizes health systems.

We believe that another approach is possible. One that complements current recommendations (better dietary choices, physical activity, sports, etc.) and is based on products that reduce disease risk factors.

Our “Nutrition Healthcare” approach seeks to develop solutions designed to prevent type 2 diabetes, NASH, (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) and obesity and to offer nutritional support for patients.

Our innovative products are plant-based and undergo strict scientific and clinical tests in collaboration with top academic research centers.  The plants we use contain a multitude of active molecules and inspired us to take a global approach to disease, using a “multi-target” action mechanism.

Our goal is to help millions of people all over the world to live for a longer time, in good health. We also want to limit health expenditure, which is a real challenge for public and private health systems.

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Expertise and know-how

VALBIOTIS strives towards providing a new approach called “Nutrition Healthcare”:

  • Prevent disease by developing innovative products that reduce the risk factors of irreversible chronic diseases;
  • Provide patient support through new-generation medical nutrition solutions containing patented innovative substances with clinically proven effects.

VALBIOTIS teams have strong regulatory, scientific and clinical expertise thanks to their perfect knowledge of:

  • New-generation screening techniques;
  • Complete characterization of plant matter;
  • Purification processes / plant fractionation;
  • Pre-clinical tests at various levels: molecular, cellular, tissular, in vivo;
  • Designing and managing clinical trials implemented by specialized service providers.

In order to enhance its capacity and speed of innovation and development, VALBIOTIS—since its creation—has formed several partnerships with top academic centers in France and abroad. The company’s most prominent partners, the La Rochelle University, the CNRS and the Clermont Auvergne University, work daily with VALBIOTIS teams with the same powerful ambition: achieving a “Zero Diabetes World”.

This expertise makes it possible to quickly identify biomolecules with new properties that can be patented, and to design health nutrition products.

From the screening stages, VALBIOTIS focuses its research on common food plants with the advantage of:

  • Secure supplies and prices, which enable large-scale industrial production;
  • Controlled toxicological risk;
  • Naturalness which inspires trust.

This process enables VALBIOTIS to design safe, clinically effective patented products, within a short development period (approximately 6 years compared to an average of 12 years for one drug), with a much lower risk profile.


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Our history


Creation of the company in La Rochelle.


Submission of the first VALBIOTIS patent.


1st financing round and first support from BPIFrance for the VAL-63 research program.


Signature of the framework agreement for research collaboration between VALBIOTIS, the Blaise Pascal University, the La Rochelle University and the CNRS.


Selection in the 100 start-ups in which to invest in 2015 for the magazine "Challenges".


Discovery of TOTUM-63, the active ingredient behind the future products Valedia®, VAL-63 NAFLD and VAL-630.
Laureate of I-Lab 2015, prize of the Ministry of Research for Innovation in the category "Creation-Development".


Second financing round.


Selection at the 76th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).


First volunteer included in the Phase IIa clinical trial on TOTUM-63, the active ingredient of Valedia®.


First volunteer included in the Phase I/II clinical trial on VAL-070.


Phase I/II clinical trial conducted on TOTUM-63: final report in accordance with ICH standards.


Transformation of the company into a Public Limited Company with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.


IPO on the Euronext Growth market.